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Ivanović Winery started operating back in 1919. Then the winery was founded by Dragoslav I. Ivanović, and that was a continuation of the small production that was nurtured in the family for several generations.

In 1939, the winery reached a production of 500,000 liters. From then until today, there have been no interruptions in wine production (although it was formally banned in 1946).

In the period after World War II, the winery operated on a smaller scale until 1996. And then the grandson of the founder, named after his grandfather, re-registered wine production. Although Dragoslav – Gaga Ivanović finished some other schools and in his life he was engaged in jobs that did not include wine production, the love for wine and the desire to continue the family tradition won out.

Today, the Ivanović winery is one of the most famous Serbian wineries. It produces 50,000 to 60,000 bottles of wine a year, which carry several different labels. Ivanovic says that the plan for the future is to produce a maximum of 100,000 bottles, and for all grapes to be from their own plantations.

The winery itself is located in Aleksandrovac, and the vineyards from which the grapes come are scattered throughout Župa. Currently, they are partly owned by the winery, and partly by the vineyards of long-term subcontractors.

The basis of production consists of two Serbian autochthonous grape varieties: Prokupac and Tamjanika. The grapes come from vineyards with a total area of ​​13 hectares. Of that, 3.2 hectares are in their possession, and the rest are the vineyards of subcontractors from the Župa vineyards from the most beautiful southern slopes in the vicinity of Aleksandrovac, Drenča, Ržanica and the hill of Varina. On average, the vineyards are 60 years old, with the youngest being planted in 2008 and the oldest back in 1903.

The Ivanovićs nurture the style of natural production, which means using modern technology and oenological preparations to the least extent possible. Vinification of red wines is performed in the traditional way, always in open barrels and with manual dipping of the must. After that, the wines are aged for 12 months in oak barrels of 500 liters – experience has shown that for Prokupac it represents an ideal volume.

The old house in which the winery is located, and in which the Ivanovićs still live today, is a protected cultural monument. That’s how she found herself on all the labels that come from the winery. It testifies to tradition and wine ancestors, and right next to it there is a small hall for tasting top wines. With Ivanović, it is always with quality paired food.

Since 2005, the Ivanovićs have been working the vineyards in accordance with organic production. From 2021, they also have the first organically certified wine from Župa. The certificate for organic production of wine and grapes from the 2020 harvest was obtained in January for labels that come only from our own vineyard, and those are red blend No. 1/2, barrique Tamjanika labeled No. 3/4 and Zanos. Thus, the winery continues its work following the nature and modern trends in winemaking. The guardians of tradition continue their journey …