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Aleksandrovac is a small town, so the Ivanović winery is located near all important tourist spots.

The native museum of Župa, the Museum of Winemaking, the wine street that works during the manifestation “Župska berba” (“Harvest in Župa”)… all this is just a few minutes easy walk from the winery. And all around are Župa vineyards and fellow winemakers.

The nature of the Župa region, but also the people who live in this area are the greatest wealth. Therefore, contact us and we will agree on all the details of your visit to the Ivanović winery, Aleksandrovac and Župa.

During the “Harvest in Župa”, or when it suits you, we are ready to hang out and talk about wine, nature, music… Anything, but always relaxed and with good food and wine.

The tasting room has room for up to 15 guests, and in nice weather (when we can “activate” the rest of the space) it is up to 30 visitors at a time.

We make an agreement on the specific food offer, dates and other conditions for each tasting. And the wines are always there …

We are waiting for you!

Working hours for visits to the winery

Weekdays and Saturdays
08.00 to 19.00

10.00 to 18.00

Ivanović Winery is a small family winery without a restaurant. That is why prior announcement and reservation for pairing food and wine is necessary.

An announcement is desirable for individual visits.

For group visits (five or more guests) reservation is required.

The winery does not have accommodation capacity for overnight guests, but on request we can provide accommodation somewhere nearby.